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Hello from Jo! Summer Program - Week One

Hello from Jo! Summer Program - Week One

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July 6, 2020


Large Motor Activity

Create an Obstacle course in your home, backyard, or at the park. Hop from pillow to pillow, climb stairs, go under tables or chairs, balance on logs or stones, or use whatever you find around you. Pretend you are Rosie going for a walk and your grown up “Fox” can try to keep up!


Arts and Crafts

Take a dark sheet of construction paper and place it in a sunny, dry spot. Arrange objects on the paper and leave it in the sun for a few hours. Come back to it later and see your shadows!



This is a great game to play anywhere!  It’s called 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Have your child tell you 5 things they can see, 4 things they can hear, 3 things they feel, 2 things they smell, and 1 thing they taste. You do it too! This is also a great way to calm down or practice patience. 



Work together with your child on creating a fun outdoor scavenger hunt (2 leaves, 1 flower, 2 stones, 1 stick etc). Or walk around your neighborhood and talk about it. What is the name of your town? What street do you live on? Who are some of the people we see in our neighborhood? What do we like about where we live?


Children need to play alone sometimes, too- in order to make discoveries and learn about themselves. Try to encourage some supervised alone play and don’t worry too much about filling up your day. Children are naturally curious and the world is full of new and beautiful experiences.