Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

PAC members.jpeg

Join the PAC and be an important part of the Easthampton Family Center!

The next PAC meeting is September 1, 7:30 PM at St. Phillip's Parish Hall.

​The PAC is a vital component of the Easthampton Family Center. The PAC provides crucial support and guidance to the coordinator and the Center, and represents a powerful link to our community. All caregivers from the EFC community are invited to attend meetings or join the council. You should attend a PAC meeting if you want to:

  • Be an important voice to help represent the needs of families with young children in Easthampton 

  • Help steer EFC in best serving our families in an inclusive and accessible way

  • Collaborate with other parents and caregivers to help inform decisions about EFC operations and best practices

  • Plan and coordinate fundraisers, trips, and other special events throughout the year

  • Assist with advocacy efforts and community outreach efforts

  • Optionally participate in a leadership role as an officer (President, Treasurer, etc.)

  • Socialize and have fun!

Contact Coordinator Andy Goulet at if you'd like to attend, join the PAC, or have any questions! You can also access the PAC bylaws here.